4 Simple Life Hacks

Life can be complicated sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of hack or tricks you can use in order to make it simpler than ever. Despite the fact there are millions of tricks of this kind, we will reveal 4 of them which are simply the best. And yes, they are simple as well and you can do them at any given moment.

1. Make your broken iPhone look cool

iPhone has a glass back, which may crack at some point. Instead of replacing it, you can use highlighters in order to make it look cool use several different colors and you will get an amazing effect. It is also possible to make the iPhone cool if you are a boy and if you are a girl. For girls, pink and red colors look great. For boys, green, blue and black is just right. Also, this is possible with black and white iPhones, although the result is much better when the iPhone is white.

2. Paint the keys

All of us have dozens of keys which may look similar or identical. We all know how annoying it is when you look for a suitable key for minutes. Imagine yourself outside, when the temperature is low, but you cannot open your door because you must find a right key. It is definitely a huge problem. The simplest hack here is to paint the keys, the upper part with a nail polish. It is very durable, so the color will stay for a long period of time and you will always know which key opens which lock. In addition, you can use the same trick for a shower to know the most suitable water temperature.

3. Protect your USB cable of a smartphone

USB cables are also the main part of a phone charger. Because we use them all the time, they tend to break at some point. You have one option then, to buy a new USB cable. Luckily, there is a simple protection you can apply to the cable which will make it last longer, much longer in fact. All you must do is to wrap the spring from a pen all around the cable, at the front and back. Spring won’t let the cable bend too much, meaning that it will last much longer. Smart, right?

4. Use clips for cable organization

Because nowadays there are dozens of cables all around your computer or a desk, a hack which can help you organize them is more than just desirable. In this case scenario, all you will have to do is to use clips at the end of a computer desk. Each cable will get a single clip, meaning that a cable will stay in place at all times. It looks really simple, but it is more than just helpful. Of course, all cables are supported by the clips.

With these 4 hacks, your life is going to be easier. If you don’t believe, try at least one of them and you will see.

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