6 Ways To Better Manage Your Focus

The focus is something that can make a huge difference in your productivity. When it is at a high level, you are capable of multitasking, for providing better results and you will even feel better. So, the main question is how you can manage your focus, how to improve it. With the ways we have discovered, all of this is easier than ever before.

1. Prepare your brain

Maybe it sounds strange, but the first way and the first step is to prepare your brain. Think about the things you want to improve, how and why you need to get them done. All of this is very important, as we have mentioned, so don’t try to use some other way if you have skipped this one. The main goal is to concentrate, to start understanding new things.

2. Log out for half an hour

In order to manage your focus, you must avoid all distractions. This means that social media, emails and etc. must be turned off. Experts say that 30 minutes per a day is enough time to get this way to work. Ideally, you would turn off your cellphone, your computer and etc. In essence, you will have to be offline from the online world for this period of time. Maybe it will be hard at first, but after a couple of days, you will see that the things are much easier.

3. Drink coffee

Coffee is known as the best way to improve cognitive memory, concentration and therefore focus. But, here is the catch. One cup of coffee per a day is beneficial, while two or more are not. They can even make you nervous, so avoid drinking huge amounts of coffee. In a case you need an additional concentration, drink a half cup of coffee, but make sure you do it for a long period of time.

4. Set up the thermostat

How can a thermostat help you focus better? Simple actually. When the temperature is too high or too low, a person is unable to focus. Researchers at Helsinki University discovered that the best temperature is 71 degrees. Anything higher than that and you won’t be able to concentrate.

5. Listen to the music

Music can help you focus better, but you will have to choose a suitable tune. For example, chances are low that rock and roll music will help you focus, but classical music will. The soft melody and a lot of details in the music are more than just beneficial for our brain who will feel more relaxed and more capable.

6. Doodle

Yes, when we doodle, it improves our focus and our artistic skills. This is actually recommended by several experts for the people who are in long meetings or work all day. But, it requires some time until this way starts improving your focus.

Now you know that focus can be improved and it is a simple process. The best thing to do is to use all of the ways we have mentioned above.

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