6 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is one of three pillars essential for a proper health, so it is more than just a mandatory factor if you want to have a healthy life. Better said, sleep is mandatory if you want to live. As such, every single way which can help you sleep better is more than just important. Better than one is 6 tips for sleep improvement.

1. Always go to sleep at the same time

In order to sleep well, you will have to train your body going to sleep at the same time of a day. Try going to bed at the same time for a few days. At first, it may be difficult, but after a few days, you will notice a difference. Make sure you sleep between 7 and 9 hours per a night. This tip will help you develop a specific time frame during when you sleep, meaning that sleep will literally be improved.

2. Avoid daily naps (limit them)

When we sleep during a day, we get rest which will affect sleep at night! That’s why it is essential to avoid or at least limit daily naps to 20 minutes during a day. You will notice a difference, get the desired rest and still be able to sleep well at night. Long daily naps are more than just a huge issue for so many people and they may even cause insomnia.

3. Expose yourself to the sunlight

The human body needs sunlight. It creates vitamin D when exposed to the light. We need this vitamin in order to sleep. As such, you will have to be exposed to the sunlight for a couple of hours per a day. The longer, the better, but 2-3 hours per a day are just fine.

4. Exercise during a day

A short exercising session per a day will consume a huge amount of energy, which will be replenished once you go to sleep. That’s why exercising is a great way to sleep better and also to stay in perfect physical form. Exercising 10 minutes per a day will make a huge difference when it comes to sleep.

5. Avoid looking at the screen 2 hours before going to bed

All screens have a blue color which has a negative effect on sleep. Avoid watching movies, TV or even a smartphone 2 hours before going to sleep. It will help you sleep better and fell asleep much quicker. In addition, some devices have built-in filters which eliminate this issue, but not all of them have it.

6. Massage yourself

If nothing else works, this tip will. All you have to do is to massage yourself. Start with your toes and but your way up until you reach your head. Repeat the process each time you go to bed. If your partner can massage you instead, even better.

All of these tips are equally helpful when it comes to sleep quality, so use all of them. After all, a good night’s sleep is mandatory.

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