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13 Gadgets to Simplify Your Life in 2018

Stop what you're doing. These 13 gadgets are hot, innovative and flying off store shelves.

These products are selling in the millions. People from across the world are raving about them. Stores can't keep them in stock. And all of these products will simplify your life, making it better in 2018. You can even order these products without leaving your house or picking up the phone.

What are you waiting for?

1. TrackR

Track anything with TrackR. Never lose your keys, wallet, phone or car again. TrackR revolutionizes the way people track, well, everything. And it's super simple to use, too.

Attach the coin-size device to any item you own.

Open the TrackR app on your phone, and follow the app's advice. The app will tell you how far away from the coin you are. But it gets even better. The app will signal the tracking device to make a beep, which helps you pinpoint its location.

TrackR also connects you to others in the network, so you can have an army of people helping you find a lost item. You'll be notified if another user's app picks up your device with a location sent straight to your phone.

You can even use TrackR to ring your phone if you lose it.

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2. Siren Alarm

The world's a scary place. Siren Alarm can help. Inspired by the military, this item sold over 100,000 units in 2017, and it's flying off the shelves in 2018. A truly viral product, Siren Alarm makes a deafening 130 decibel sound that scares anyone away.

Women are using it when they go on long hikes. Kids are attaching the Siren Alarm to their backpacks.

Ideal for kids, elders and everyone in between, Siren Alarm can also be used to call for help during a medical emergency. If you fall to the ground and are having a heart attack, Siren Alarm is loud enough that people will hear it.

Attach it to your car keys, bags or pants. Siren Alarm will make anyone run the other way.

It's time to bring safety back to your life.

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3. KeySmart

Car keys, house keys, shed keys, garage keys, boat keys, and the list goes on. Making sense of all of your keys is easy with KeySmart. The Swiss Army knife for keys, KeySmart organizes your keys in an elegant way.

You can hold 14 keys on KeySmart, and simply push the key forward, place it in the keyhole and you're good to go.

Attach KeySmart to your belt, bag or put it in your pocket. There are even customizable options that allow you to add bottle openers or USB drives to your KeySmart. It's the smart way to make sense of all of those keys that you have on your keychain.

The future of keys is here, and there isn't a product on the market that compares to KeySmart.

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Stop spending nights awake in bed, tossing and turning because your check engine light is on. FIXD is the easy way to say goodbye to expensive diagnostics and mechanics that are just trying to make a buck off of you.

FIXD helps you make sense of your check engine light, and it works on every gas vehicle made after 1996.

Instantly diagnose any car problems you have.

FIXD sold over $50 million products in 2017, making it one of the most impressive gadgets of the last year. Oh yeah, and there's an app that helps you remember maintenance schedules, tells you about your car's health, makes understanding check engine lights a breeze and even keeps a history of your car's problems.

And it takes just seconds to install FIXD.

You'll never be conned by a mechanic again when you have a complete health report for your car ready and waiting at all times.

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5. Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner

Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner is a personal favorite of mine. Forget living life with streaks on your glasses. Designed to make fast work of glasses cleaning, Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner can be used to clean reading glasses, sunglasses or any eyewear you own.

An invisible carbon compound is used to help clear off those oil smudges on your glasses.

This is the same cleaning technology that NASA uses to clean lenses. Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner are available in seven different colors, ships worldwide and can clean lenses 500 times before needing to be replaced.

Live your life with truly clean vision.

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6. SnapCam

The Internet is going crazy over the SnapCam. This USB security camera offers 1080p, full HD quality and can be used as a smartphone charger, too. Keep an eye on babysitters, your kids or even a spouse with the SnapCam.

Designed to look like a phone charger, and even allowing charging, the device plugs into an electrical outlet and will start recording automatically.

Videos recorded are automatically overwritten when memory is full. It's the sneaky way to keep an eye on anyone in your home. You'll even forget that this small, compact device is a camera because it blends perfectly into the environment.

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7. Mobile Screen Cast

Mobile Screen Cast is what smart people use to mirror content between their phone and television. Forget having to crowd around a small phone again. Put that video or picture on your phone and mirror it to your television.

Project everything to your screen: images, documents, web pages, movies.

Virtually anything.

And there's even a free media library that comes with Mobile Screen Cast that allows you to stream even more content right to your television.

Music, movies and television shows can be mirrored, too. Want to watch Jon Snow on your television but don't have a smart TV? Mirror it. Want to listen to music? Mirror it.

Your old televisions can come to life with Mobile Screen Cast.

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8. BakBlade

Everyone has those hard to reach embarrasing problematic areas they wish they could shave.

No need to be embarrassed about your hairy back. We have the solution. With thousands of satisfied customers BakBlade helps take care of those hard to reach areas on your back. Feel confident with a clean shaven back with this easy to use grooming solution.

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9. Selfie Drone 720X

I couldn't leave the Selfie Drone 720X off the list.

Small and compact, the Selfie Drone 720X is a tiny, folding drone that offers high-end quality so that you can take the selfie of a lifetime. Millions of people are using these small drones and putting their selfie sticks where they belong: in the trash.

You can tell the drone to follow you, focus on you or fly around.

The Selfie Drone 720X will capture all of the action while you're having fun. It's a smart drone that captures the moment while letting you live it.

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10. NightGuideHD Driving Glasses

NightGuideHD Driving Glasses aims to stop all of those night accidents that injure or kill millions of people every year. Glares are to blame for night vision problems, and NightGuideHD Driving Glasses helps eliminate the glare with a practical solution that slides right over your glasses or eyes.

Improve your night vision. See clearly at night.

Polarized lenses allow you to reduce eye strain and eliminate glares. It's a trend that's leading to hundreds of thousands of people buying these glasses.

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11. HD Zoom 360

Your smartphone camera sucks. Well, most of them do. HD Zoom 360 transforms your smartphone into a DSLR camera in minutes. You can take breathtaking pictures from miles away, and it works in any weather condition.

Waterproof. Scratch-resistant. Fog-proof.

HD Zoom 360 is plain awesome.

It even will fit in your pocket. The perfect gift for anyone that loves photography, HD Zoom 360 is the smartphone accessory of 2018. You can zoom in on concerts and even sporting events with the 360 so that you don't miss a second of the action.

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12. Huddy

Huddy is awesome. Your smartphone is turned into a heads-up display. This product was recently released, and the Internet is eating it up. You place it on your dash, put your smartphone on top of it, and it does all of the navigating while you drive.

Transparent, Huddy works in any weather or light condition.

Huddy also allows you to view traffic conditions, street maps and even the speedometer using the many apps available.

It's the gift for gadget lovers.

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BONUS: Sky Wire Tv Antenna

Stop paying for cable. Seriously.

People are getting free television using a secret that your grandparents probably told you about: antennas. Sky Wire Tv Antenna is an indoor antenna (it takes just minutes to setup) that you put under your cabinet or behind a picture.

And presto, just like magic, it streams in content from your local broadcast tower, and provides you with 90 – 100 channels of content.

An on-screen guide is offered as well as DVR capability.

Ditch those expensive subscription products and stop paying that crazy cable bill.

You owe it to yourself to have free, legal television.

Sky Wire Tv Antenna is the answer.

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